How to Choose Your Co-Working Space? 10 Factors to Take into Consideration

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Choosing a coworking space is not easy. There is a plethora of co-working spaces located all around the world, and new spaces opening up as you're reading this! So as you can imagine, analyzing every single one would take several lifetimes.

So this begs the question How can you find a workspace that unique and a good fit?

What kind of workspace are you looking for?

Are you looking for a hot desk, dedicated desk, or something much more private like a private office? These kinds of questions will be a major determining factor on pricing and the capacity of your business to expand or contract, should the workload change down the line.

Is a trial period possible?

Before signing that dotted line, make sure there is a trial period so you can see if this space is best for you and your business. This way you can give it a try and really see for yourself what a typical day would be like within the coworking space. Remember to ask for a trial period before any long-term commitments!

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Will your membership open doors to other coworking locations?

Some coworking communities offer location passes to various spaces across the city or even countries, so ask around. Sometimes it’s in the package you’re paying for and coworkers seldom use these sorts of valuable perks.


Your coworking space location is a major factor in how much you value your work life. Location in a prestigious neighborhood can impress potential clients. Having conveniences within walking or driving distance is a big plus as well, you’ll also want your space to be near your accommodation if at all possible. Not to mention, the availability and price of parking are also important things to take into consideration.


Check out the list of tenants that are occupying the space. If you are a freelancer and are looking for networking opportunities, choosing a coworking space that has professionals from various professional industries can open up many doors for meeting other like-minded people.



Your surroundings and the number of distractions they bring are a huge factor as to how quickly you’ll make progress on your projects. Coworking spaces have the potential to be affordable distraction-free workspaces, but keep in mind they’re not perfect either. Some spaces bring excessive chatter from members collaborating on joint projects. Other spaces are too hot or cold to work for extended periods of time comfortably.


When starting up a new business, there are a lot of investments involved. You want to keep your expenses to a bare minimum. So be sure to choose an appropriate coworking space that fits your budget. Seeing your monthly rent can become a liability for you and in turn can be not so good for business.


The coworking space should have all major amenities that you expect from your workplace. Keep in mind that a fully-equipped workspace will come with a price, so try to choose a space that doesn’t disturb the balance of being both economical and convenient for you to get down to business.


Community events

 Many coworking spaces organize weekly community events, including seminars from successful entrepreneurs. Many of the events also bring in some very influential people and investors, which allows you to be in a great position to the network.


While all coworking spaces offer full-time memberships, you’ll find that some also offer part-time plans for entrepreneurs who don’t need to go into the space every day. These forms of membership agreements are far more economical than full-time membership agreements and offer set business hours in the coworking space each month. This can come in handy if a workspace is needed only a couple of days a week.

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