4 Boss Babes That Are Inspirational AF

Issues that women come face to face with in the workplace can be a bit daunting. Problems such as pay gaps, workplace harassment, and discrimination seriously don't make getting ahead very easy for women in the business world.  So when a woman not only makes a big impact within her industry, but also paves the way for other women in the future, it’s something to not only share but celebrate in a big way.

There are endless boss babe success stories that you probably already know about (Michelle Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Beyonce  and Oprah, to name a few), but think about all of the stories you haven’t heard. At Minds co/work, we’re so happy to have such an extraordinary community of women game-changers and love seeing how our members and our team continue to inspire each other on the daily.

Read on for four bad ass boss babe stories that we are quite certain will inspire you.

1. Juliana Lima

Many success stories are supported by the strength of like-minded people around them, and it’s amazing to see so many new communities of female business owners empowering each other to achieve success. One such community is that of Juliana Lima, one of Minds Cowork's very first members, and also founder of Foreign Femme, a creative collective by women, for women.


The small community was founded when Juliana noticed that while Miami has a plethora of groups dedicated to networking, one solely for creative business women hadn’t been founded. She vowed to change that, creating Foreign Femme to offer a sense of community among any and all creative women starting out in business. Foreign Femme not only connects with experienced female business owners but also with aspiring solopreneurs offer a wealth of guidance and advice as they maneuver through the world of business, that as many have found out at one point or another can be a little crazy and scary. Foreign Femme objective is to  not only empower women looking to take the leap into the business world as creatives, but to succeed at what they set forth to do.

2. Daniella Rondon

A partner ofMinds Cowork and design extraordinaire, Daniella Rondon merged her love of art and design when she foundedMy View By DR, in 2009. Daniella has seamlessly bridged the beauty of artful design and a clear message between countless brands through the years. Daniella has said it more times than she can count, “ every brand has a story to tell…from colors, to the kind of font that is used across all branding materials, there is a story to be told and I help my client convey just that.''


Daniela is creative director and consultant with experience in conceptual design, print collateral, social media styling, and much more. She began her studies in Venezuela at the Design Institute of Valencia, and went on to gain her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. From working in several marketing agency environments and gaining hands on skills, she has achieved over 10+ years of experience in the design and branding industry.

3. Michelle Otero

In the world of mental health and business coaching, Michelle Otero is a force to be reckoned with to say the least. Michelle’s career began over 15 years ago when she found her why. She discovered that her why was to make an impact on the world by way of mental health. This led her down a rabbit-hole of studying and earning her Bachelors in Psychology then taking it all the way home to earning her Masters in Mental Health Counseling (LMHC). Not to mention, along the way working as a therapist handling tough cases involving Adolescents in one of Miami’s juvenile detention centers.

With everything she gained from her University education, plus countless hours dedicated to being a therapist, she was truly inspired to take a plunge into owning her own practice. Michelle launched Journey 2 Empower, where her secret behind her thriving practice is having a positive state of mind. No joke!


Otero’s success is heavily due to her life perspective:“Motivation, positive thinking and reframing,  visualization, drive, consistency, and determination are elements that I am passionate about and have a thorough understanding as to how vital they are to achieve positive self-growth and overall success in life,” she says with pride and a very contagious smile to match!

Aside from the mental health aspect of her practice she also works with business owners and entrepreneurs as a business coach to help them manage and grow their businesses, lending a hand to create an abundance of more success to all her clients stories.

Oh and did we mention she will be hosting a slew of workshops dedicated to any and all business owners, seasoned and newbies, at Minds Cowork?! Be sure to keep an eye out for up and coming events starting May 2019!

4. Ale Rondon

The world of reaching target markets, or more so, how brands reach their consumers has changed radically over the years with social media making profound waves. Such platforms as Facebook and Instagram have totally taken over how we are able to reach a wide audience. It’s no wonder how our last but certainly not least, inspirational boss babe has been creating and curating buzz for a   wide variety of brands.


So it made sense when Alejandra Rondon launched Hildegart Productions. A full service social media firm dedicated to generating buzz and curating high quality content for brands across the board.

And in case you were wondering, yes she's totally related to Daniella Rondon! It’s quite obvious that creativity and a true sense of entrepreneurship runs deep. It's very common to see both sisters collab and hit home runs when its game time!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Our creative circle is made up of a plethora of driven creatives that are inspiring, collaborating and thrive at our place! Come check us out in Wynwood, Minds Cowork, Miami’s premier creative coworking spaces where you can get down to business!

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Emely Virta