Top 4 Reasons Why Dog Friendly Coworking Spaces Rock

Bringing your furry friends to work can have a ton of awesome benefits. Thankfully, Minds Cowork is not only pet-friendly, but we have our resident Director of Fun, Miles Davis as part of our welcoming team every morning. 

Miles Davis - Director of Fun / Minds Cowork

Miles Davis - Director of Fun / Minds Cowork


Here are our top reasons why we like having doggos in our coworking space: 

1.    Easy Icebreakers  

Let’s be real, humans are awkward social beings, and who doesn’t hate small talk? The best thing about bringing your dog to the office is that all the attention goes to them. No need to talk about the weather for the 10th time today. Dogs help people loosen up, feel more comfortable and approachable. 


2.    Flowing Creativity

Dog owners know this, having a dog helps your creative genius flow more easily. This comes from the fact that having a pet gives us a sense of purpose and responsibility, keeping our minds active and sharp. This creative energy can be enjoyed and shared by everyone on your team and even the entire space. So think of it like this: pet care = creative fuel. 


3.    Decreases Stress & Anxiety 

Being your own boss is great, they said. Never mind the deadlines, difficult clients and lengthy requests for changes and revisions. Being an entrepreneur is incredibly satisfying, but it can also lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. Thankfully, it has been proven that the simple act of petting your dog decreases these symptoms by releasing oxytocin in our bodies as well as regulating blood and heart pressure. 


4.    Increased Productivity

OK – In all honesty, we know that dogs are a big-time distraction. They are needy, and they want your attention and have to be walked at least a few times a day. BUT, this is exactly the reason why, studies show, that people who bring their pets to work are more productive. Taking short breaks to stretch out your legs and walk your dog, and taking a five-minute break to pet your furry friend give your brain a break and lets you recharge.

So, next time you’re feeling guilty about leaving your best friend at home all day, think about getting one of our free day passes (email us for pass) to our coworking space and bring all your furry friends!