How tech-forward coworking spaces are setting entrepreneurs up for success.

As society continues to move more into a digital-first world, coworking spaces that support and offer the latest tech innovations will be set apart from the rest.

At Minds Cowork we have made it a point to make technology easily accessible and non-intrusive, but most of all, we have made it so that our members, entrepreneurs and startups alike are empowered for success. Here’s our favorite tech to get the most out of your coworking experience:

Member App

This is our main hub. From the Minds app members can book meeting space, add visitors, check for updates and events and get to know the community.

Picture this, you’re an entrepreneur and just got a new lead with a prospective client. They want to meet so you open the member app, check which meeting rooms are available, book them. Then you add the client as a visitor and get back to work. The client is automatically sent an email with details about the meeting. Once they arrive at the space, our friendly community managers check them in, and you’re notified automatically.

This streamlined process enables our entrepreneurs to focus on what’s important: the clients, and we take care of the rest.

Access Any Time

You never know when creativity will spur, or when clients will be available to meet. At Minds Cowork, we know that our members all have different working habits. That’s why we have implemented a system that allows secure access any time, just open the app, confirm the identity and you’re in. The client is early? No worries, you can even do this remotely.

Ultimately, keeping up with the latest tech will not only make sure that your coworking space is seen as a leader in the industry but it will allow for increased productivity and networking among members, entrepreneur, and startups that occupy the space.

Juan Youssef