How your personal brand affects your business

Have you thought about your personal brand recently? Usually it will not be considered a part of the business, but as a matter of fact, your business and personal brand identity are closely interconnected. This is especially true if the business or start up is just starting out. 

Here are a few simple things you can do to put your personal brand to work and grow your business all at the same time. 


Audit your brand. Who are you? 

Start with your online presence. Google your name, what comes up? Future clients, partners and anyone who you’ll deal with will likely do their own research about you. It is smart to make sure that your online presence closely matches with the traits that you are wanting to highlight. It is also the perfect time to see if any ehm… unsavory photos show up  (we’ve all been there!)  and try to have it taken down. 


Next you should examine your social media profiles, especially any that are public. When someone sees your Instagram feed, do they know what product you are creating or what services you can offer? Ultimately, people trust people more than brands. A personal brand’s main function is to increase the level of trust and create a deeper connection between you and the consumer. 


Create Content that Resonates with your Audience

The goal here is to be seen as a thought-leader in your industry. Creating original content will be key to develop your personal brand. After all, there’s only so many quotes and memes you can repost. Focus on creating valuable content that is informative, entertaining or educational, and closely related to your professional/commercial brand. Creating and publishing unique content frequently and consistency will set you apart and make your audience more engaged. 


Expand your Content Reach

Take advantage of a growing personal brand by expanding how far your content reaches. You should reach out to websites, blogs, and media outlets that align with your professional brand and get them acquainted with your work and expertise. They could be looking for new people to feature, or even for new guest writers. 


You can also reach out to influencers and suggest partnerships or collaborations to tap into a whole new audience. Influencer marketing, especially micro-influencer marketing has been shown to be very effective to increase brand awareness and interest. 

Ultimately, creating a strong personal will have a huge impact on the success of your business or commercial brand. More than ever, audiences are demanding business that are more human, transparent and forthcoming. 

Juan Youssef