Event Space-A Beginner’s Guide to Planning an Event

Event planning can be quite confusing and tiresome, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the industry. But here at Minds, we’ve found that organizers are some of the most resourceful, thoughtful people. They make decisions efficiently and effectively, going the extra mile just to ensure that their guests’ overall experience will not be sacrificed. We have been lucky to work with a multitude of these individuals, gathering useful pieces of advice along the way. Here, we share basic steps and our favorite economical, productive tools for events that will ultimately ensure success.

1. Brainstorm 

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Before even planning an event, you’ll need to have a concept. Want your event to have a certain theme, color scheme, or pattern combo? You’ll have to decide on an aesthetic before planning. The style of your event must match your style or the guidelines of your brand/business. Check out our Pinterest for many different ideas on where to start.

2. Organize

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3. Set a date and create a plan

Once you set a date for your event, you’ll be forced to get everything done before then. Plan out the weeks before your event accordingly to ensure that you won’t be stressed out the night before it occurs. Try to evenly distribute tasks between weeks so that you have ample time to complete them. Prioritize, and figure out what needs to be completed as soon as possible (send out invites, decide on a venue) versus what can be done later on (cooking, cleaning the venue if needed, etc.).

4. Decide on location


Location is one of the most important facets of an event. Consider your guests – will they have to travel extremely far? Is public transportation available nearby? Minds offers the best of both worlds being located in the heart of Wynwood, transportation is widely available and there are plenty of options to get to our location. Outdoor venues can be awesome options, and Minds has an outdoor space for events, whether you want to book a food truck or a DJ. Is there Internet service? Are bathrooms available? How many guests will realistically be able to get to the space? Minds answers all these questions by having diverse amenities and tons of space.

5. Find an awesome venue

What are you waiting for! Go ahead and book Minds while availability lasts, give us a call at 305-723-9993 or shoot us an email info@mindscowork.com. Find more details about our event space here.